Headshots That Flatter Your Personal Brand

The start of the new year is the perfect time to brand your image anew and put a fresh face on your business, as well as your favorite social media platforms. In some occupations the standard headshot is still part of corporate imaging, however, a bit of personality can still come through with the touch of a colorful or patterned tie, a pair of glasses, a broach, scarf, etc.  Lake Life Photography will help you think outside the box when it comes to putting forward your unique identity. Perhaps you prefer a more casual appeal like an invitation to chat over coffee; or an environmental portrait that informs viewers about what you do through the setting you choose; or, perhaps your portrait provides a glimpse into things you simply love to do. Embrace what is authentic to you and the best you will naturally shine through! This year you might even decide to put forward a few different images to compliment your diverse personality and various messaging platforms. To learn more go to lakelifephoto.com and visit the commercial tab or to book a custom session today enter PROMO CODE: Pro Headshot. Cheers! Here’s to a new you and a new outlook!

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