You Look Marvelous!

Take control of your image and let a professional photographer help you see your best side, in the best light. With over 30 years of experience in professional headshots and portraits, Scott Patrick, owner of Lake Life Photography, knows how to sculpt with light and keep the real you shining through. Also,with his mastery in retouching he can freshen up your look without overdoing it. This year treat yourself to a Digital Makeover! It’s guaranteed to revive that sparkle in your eyes, brighten your smile and lift your spirits for all the world to see.  Luckily a Digital Makeover isn’t as costly as a day spa or other approaches to tweaking one’s look. So, invest in a new you for the new year and book your one-on-one session today. Enter PROMO CODE : Pro Headshot  Or, visit to check out Scott Patrick’s headshots and commercial portraits. WARNING: This site is for mature audiences only who have lived, laughed and faced life’s challenges head on with determination and grace.


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